Our Mission

Behind every groundbreaking industry innovation is a talented team capable of imagining new possibilities. As the global leader in textile manufacturing, we at Welspun believe that we are responsible for making the planet a better place through everything we do. That's why we partnered with Oritain to introduce Wel-Trak cotton tracking technology as our promise to retailers and consumers that we have verified the authenticity of their textiles.

At Welspun, innovation is in everything we do: we champion new products and push the boundaries of automation, engineering, and manufacturing. We've patented breakthroughs like advanced performance hollow-core HygroCotton® and easy care Drylon®.

Responsible manufacturing is good business. At Welspun, we use sustainable farming practices, convert our biodegradable waste into energy, and are accredited Made in Green by OEKO-TEX. We recycle 6500 million liters of waste water annually, providing our communities water for domestic use and farming.


In addition to investing in renewable, efficient energy, Welspun harvests rainwater in order to conserve natural resources and has planted over half a million trees.


Our empowerment programs help women enter into and triumph in the workforce. We provide vocational training, skill development and safety training, financial guidance, and health education in our communities.


By helping to build, update, and equip government schools and our own schools, we provide quality education to our communities. By training our teachers, we give our kids a better and brighter future.


Our health programs and mobile health services provide benefits like regular check-ups, diabetes and cancer detection, and mother and child care.


We're creating safer, stronger local communities by providing essential infrastructure, e-connectivity, education in information technology, and safe drinking water.

Smart Villages

Wel-Trak tracks cotton