Welspun's Global Mission

Innovation is in everything we do:

  • we champion new products, programs and processes
  • create patented breakthroughs like advanced performance hollow core HygroCotton® and easy care Drylon®
  • push the boundaries of automation, engineering and manufacturing
  • deploy state-of-the-art technology
  • we’re accredited by the International Organization for Standardization and numerous other organizations… and have scores of accolades industry-wide, country-wide and world-wide

Giving back is good business:

  • we manufacture responsibly
  • are accredited by OEKO-TEX and Made in Green
  • initiated new programs like Sustainable Farming
  • adhere to “3r and d” (reduce, reuse, recycle and disposal)
    - recycle waste paper into notepads
    - recycle plastic bottles
    - recycle 6500 million liters of waste water annually, providing communities more water for domestic use and farming
    - operate biogas plant to convert bio-degradable waste into energy


Our environmental projects make the earth smile:

  • we protect the environment
  • conserve natural resources
  • invest in renewable, efficient energy
  • harvest rainwater
  • have planted over half a million trees
  • promote environmentally-friendly manufacturing


Our empowerment programs help women enter into and triumph in the workforce:

  • we provide vocational training
  • skill development and safety training
  • financial guidance
  • health education
  • state-of-the-art girls’ dormitory
  • opportunity to convert product waste into cushion covers and pillow cases in SPUN centers


We help build, update and equip government schools, and our own schools:

  • provide quality education to local communities
  • inspire and train teachers
  • organize community service activities for children
  • are fully committed to a better and brighter future


Our health programs provide benefits like regular check-ups, and mobile health services like:

  • diabetes and cancer detection
  • mother and child care


We’re creating better, safer, stronger local communities by advancing the “5e’s”:

  • essential infrastructure
  • e-connectivity
  • empowerment
  • education in information technology
  • environmental enrichment through safe drinking water and plantations

Smart Villages

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