Wel-Trak is a JOURNEY

The Wel-Trak certification means every fiber in the products you purchase can be tracked right to the source—the very farm where it was grown. These farms are located in Egypt (Egyptian Cotton), Australia (BCI Certified) and the western United States (Supima Cotton).

The cotton fibers are “fingerprinted” and verified in the fields by an independent authority, Oritain Global Ltd. Oritain’s scientific technique identifies natural chemical parameters that are unique and distinctive to the cotton’s environment. This creates a one-of-a-kind “cotton fingerprint” that is unique and travels with each product. The information is coded and stored in a database. It can be tracked from start to finish, forming the strongest system of supply-chain integrity in the textile industry. And, it’s your way of knowing you can trace the authenticity of cotton products every step of the way.

Ginning is the separation of cotton from its seeds.
The Wel-Trak process begins here… recording the source and quality of all cotton in our state-of-the-art database.


Spinning is the twisting together of cotton fiber to form yarn.
Wel-Trak tags all yarn pallets… identifying the types of cotton used and the processes deployed.


Weaving interlaces yarn to form fabric.
Wel-Trak tags, records and monitors the fabric as it is woven.


Finishing improves appearance, feel, performance, durability.
Wel-Trak meticulously scans, records and monitors every fabric roll.


Cut & Sew is where fabric is turned into a product.
Wel-Trak registers, records and tags every product with a QR code for accessing information about its cotton source.

Cut & Sew

Pack & Ship is how a product gets to its destination.
Wel-Trak records every product as it begins its journey to homes like yours.

Pack & Ship

Retail is where the WOW! happens.
Just pick up a sheet or towel with the Wel-Trak logo. And using the QR code on the package, you can trace it all the way back to its cotton source. Right there. Right then.


Wel-Trak tracks cotton.

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