Global Cotton Footprint

Wel-Trak can track any kind of cotton, all across the world. It’s the only cotton tracking technology that is truly global and traces the entire cotton journey, from source to shelf.


The finest cotton grown in America, and among the very best grown anywhere in the world. Supima has an extra long-staple fiber, making it both soft and strong.

Supima Supima


Cotton grown without the use of pesticides, which have been shown to have harmful effects on both the environment and the farmers using them. Organic cotton is good for you, and good for the soil and ecosystem, too.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton, grown on the banks of the Nile, is recognized worldwide as one of the most luxurious materials available and is used to make premium sheets and bath towels.

Cotton grown in Australia

Grown with efficient, technologically-advanced techniques and known for exceptional quality and consistency.