The Most Loved Bedroom Colors, Patterns, Pictures on Instagram

November 24th, 2017

Trends—they come, they go. Even your bedroom isn’t immune to the changing tide of what’s trending in social media. So how to know what’s hot and what’s not at this moment? For immediate satisfaction, log on to Instagram to find what’s trending on #bedroom, #bedrooms, #bedroomdecor, #bedroomideas, #bedroomdesign and #bedroomstyle, to name a few. It’s inspiration at your fingertips.

Here are a few of the most shared and loved bedroom colors, patterns and pictures we see on Instagram today! But, as we said. Trends come and go, so tomorrow, who knows?

COLOR – Soothing Neutrals
Neutrals still reign supreme in today’s bedroom. Soothing whites and creams accented by handsome grays and muted browns create a look that’s serene and sophisticated. For example, try warm white or super-sexy soft gray on the wall. Keep the look bright and airy with light-colored furniture, simply designed light fixtures, and billowy shades and bedding.
Want that wow factor? Paint a single wall a dark navy or shadowy black.

PATTERN – Geometrics
Buy a wood headboard that’s been laser cut to form a modern design, or go all DIY and hand-paint a plain wood panel with an eye-popping geometric pattern in coordinating colors. Mad about metal? Metal headboards not only look modern but come in almost any shape imaginable, so finding one that fits your style is easy.
If buying a new headboard is out of your budget, add drama to your bedroom décor with bedding and pillows in a geometric pattern. Chevron stripes, concentric circles and art deco designs are all the rage.

BEDDING – Puffy Comforters
In the dark days before central heating, a heavy blanket with plenty of air pockets was the best way to avoid freezing at night. Brrrrr. Lucky for us, puffy comforters are more of a fashion choice today—though they sure do keep you warm and cozy on those long winter nights. You can find these types of comforters in every color and pattern you can dream of. If you want it Instagram-worthy, choose a transitional solid, textured or muted floral design. Proud to be green? Opt for one made with eco-friendly sustainable fibers.
And if you want an easier hack to update your bedroom without breaking the budget, consider purchasing a Duvet [LINK: ]. This is essentially a giant pillowcase for your comforter. Just cover your existing comforter and, in a snap, you have a new look for a fraction of the price.

ACCENTS – Polished Metal
The industrial look is still in. The difference now is that it’s more versatile than ever. While iron and brass have been used to accent bedrooms for years, polished chrome, brushed gold and hammered copper are today’s top choices. The good news is that manufacturers are perfecting their metal plating techniques, resulting in more unique and imaginative pieces. From decorative wall art to picture frames, side tables to headboards, drawer pulls to bracelet bowls, you can go as big or small as you want with your favorite heavy metal.

ACCESSORIES – Folksy Finds
Balancing out the modern look are more laid-back, lived-in details. Accessories are not limited to traditional items like books, lamps and clocks anymore. Spend a few minutes on Instagram, and you’ll see unusual items like cowbells, kitchen gadgets and even mechanic’s tools used as accessories in the bedroom. A good rule of thumb: If it would look at home on your grandmother’s knickknack shelf or your grandfather’s barn, it will look at home in yours.
The only rule of modern style is that there are no rules. If you like it, go for it. When you are finished, post it on Instagram for others to see—#bedroomstyle. You could find yourself with more hearts and followers than ever!