Dipali Goenka: “Why We Launched Wel-Trak Blog”

August 31st, 2017

Dipali B. Goenka, chief executive officer and joint managing director of Welspun India, is all about innovation and technology to grow her Company. But that doesn’t mean she’s not all about building relationships, especially with moms like her. She explains why she is passionate about connecting with millennials through the Wel-Trak blog.

Q: What’s your vision for the Wel-Trak blog?

Dipali: What’s the best way to connect with consumers? Have an open conversation with them.

My vision—I’d even go as far as to say my passion—is to create a community…a gathering place for consumers to share what’s top of mind. A place where people can exchange ideas that ultimately lead to a better world.

Q: How will this blog make a difference in consumers’ lives?

Dipali: We want to write about what’s important in their lives. Help people make the right product choices by offering information and facts they’re looking for. We want to continuously engage with them so we can hear their feedback. It will be important in shaping future offerings.

Consumers today, in particular millennials, also care about social issues and giving back to society. We want to share stories about our sustainability efforts, saving precious resources, like water, and empowering women. We want to introduce them to farmers in Australia, the U.S., Egypt and India. What’s cooler than meeting the real people who actually grow the cotton we use in our high-quality products?

Q: Why is connecting with the millennial consumer so important to the future of the textile industry?

Dipali: Millennials are our future. Going forward, they are the ones raising families, with a high demand for sheets and towels. But they want more than products. They demand honesty from the brands they buy. They want a relationship based on trust and an authentic connection to these brands. They want access to product information 24/7. They want to know how a product is made and reassured about its genuineness.

Our fabrics literally touch the lives of millions of consumers and their loved ones each day. This blog will help them engage and touch our lives too.

Q: How do you envision this blog connecting very personally with millennials?

Dipali: Millennials live online, work online, shop online. They share online and expect to actively interact with brands online. This is their ecosystem.

Millennials relate to brands more personally and emotionally than other group. To stay relevant to this audience, the topics we choose are those most important to their lives. We encourage them to engage with the content in social media, sharing their comments and what they would like to see in future blog posts. As I said, it’s a two-way conversation.

Q: What kinds of blog topics are you most excited to introduce to the Wel-Trak blog?

Dipali: I am excited to introduce real solutions for real people. We want to hear their solutions, too. I’m a mom. I want to hear what other moms are saying and thinking. It’s about creating connections.

One of my concrete goals is to get ideas about how to recycle bed and bath linens. Our communities recycle plastics, glass, paper—I want to see the same concept implemented in home fashions. I’m sure many solutions could come from those connected to this blog. This is about sharing the best ideas. We’re in this together.

Q: Why is it important that the Wel-Trak blog focus on the consumers’ needs vs. your customers’ or the textile industry?

Dipali: Our business is built on “comfort.” We provide comfort to our consumers through amazing products and our commitment to various causes, such as saving the planet via our sustainable practices. We are a business with a purpose. This helps us maintain a level of trust with our consumers.

If we focus on our consumers’ needs, we will take care of our customers’ goals, too.

Q: Why are you so excited to share the Wel-Trak patented process with consumers, customers and the industry?

Dipali:Wel-Trak provides a very powerful tool in the hands of our consumer to trace the source of their product back to the farmers. Imagine a world where you can actually figure out which farm supplied the cotton in the sheets you sleep on every day! This is very cool. This process assures the consumer she is getting the cotton she was promised.

Q: Are you satisfied with how consumers and the textile industry have embraced the Wel-Trak guarantee?

Dipali:I want to see consumers looking for, asking for and preferring products with the Wel-Trak seal when they are making purchase decisions.

Q: How long will it be before Wel-Trak impacts lives, right down to the individual consumer?

Dipali: Products made with our patented Wel-Trak technology are in the market now. Our goal is to make them accessible to all consumers.

Q: By giving the Wel-Trak certification a “voice” with the consumer, how do you feel it will accelerate the importance of this patented process in the textile industry?

Dipali: Welspun takes its leadership role very seriously. We are the largest home textile supplier in the USA and want to lead by example. We hope the industry will make a commitment to products that stand true to what they claim, deliver what they promise and are sustainable. Some may say that sounds like a challenge. In some ways, it is!