7 Easy Bedroom Makeover Tips for Under $100

August 31st, 2017

No need to catch a flight to a faraway land to escape the troubles of the world—or just an insane day at work or home. That’s too much stress! Let your bedroom be the peaceful sanctuary you seek.

All you need is some inspiration and maybe a little cash that you’ve stashed away for a splurge on yourself. We’re talking $100! That’s all you really need to try one of these transforming tips for the most important space in your life. Here are 7 tips, each under $100, to get you started…today!

1. Designate a place of rest. We know, the bed is more than a place to crash at night. It’s everything: a spot to eat, read, tweet, watch, lounge and even work. And, yes, it’s so very comfortable to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show from your bed. But, if you really want to get the 7 hours of sleep your body needs to perform its best the next day, set some boundaries and rearrange things a bit. Move your portable electronics out of the bedroom at least a half hour before you’re ready to call it a day. At a minimum, keep them more than an arm’s length from where you’ll be sleeping—like, across the room with notifications turned off. You’ll feel well rested in the morning because of it. Best of all, it costs nothing to do it!

2. Slap on a coat. Of paint, that is. It’s amazing what a gallon of on-trend color therapy can do to a room. Promote tranquility with a blue hue, create coziness with a muted yellow or create an upbeat abode with a lively green. The best part? This is a budget-friendly, easy DIY task that anyone can do in a day.

3. Freshen your bedding. Investing in a quality set of well-made bed linens is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. Opt for cotton sheets, which hold up well wash after wash and are soft and breathable against the skin. Even better, consider products with breathable cotton with a hollow core fiber – this will adapt to your body temperature and provide you either warmth or coolness when needed.

If you already have quality sheets, look at your comforter. Is it so…’80s, ’90s or 2000s? The quickest way to give your room a whole new look is to swap out your comforter. With so many fashion patterns available, you can instantly transform the look of your room in minutes.

4. Punch up pillow power. Speaking of pillows, sleeping on the wrong one can literally be a pain in your neck. Avoid the kinks and aches that can ruin a good night’s sleep with a quality pillow that suits whichever side, back or tummy is your preferred sleep position.

5. Throw shade. We’re talking lampshades. Whether you’re into the soft gray flannel type or the bright and airy white drum, a new bedside lampstand and shade can instantly change your bedroom look. Try a touch lamp if you’re tired of fumbling for the switch in the dark.

6. Sort and store. Clear the clutter and create a place for everything. A set of deep storage bins under the bed, a few shelves stacked with woven baskets or a new shoe caddy in your closet keeps hats, shoes, wrapping paper, receipts and whatever out of view. Plus, it’s the perfect place to cram stuff when your peeps drop by.

7. Let’s decorate. Okay, now for the fun part. Time to add the little touches that make your bedroom uniquely you. No need to break the bank here. Scour thrift shops or yard sales for fun, kitschy finds. Feeling sassy? Schedule a boudoir photo shoot for you and your bae and hang the sexy shots in black and white on canvas…for your eyes only.

Sure, your bedroom may not be your ideal retreat now, but with these easy bedroom makeover tips for under $100, you could have the space you’ve always been dreaming of.