Wel-Trak is a PROMISE

Today’s consumers demand TRUST in the BRANDS and PRODUCTS they buy.
WEL-TRAK™ delivers. It’s the gold standard of AUTHENTICITY, taking the worry out of what you are buying.

Every textile product carrying the WEL-TRAK™ label means you can TRACE ITS JOURNEY every step of the way, right to the FIELDS where the COTTON IS GROWN.

Wel-Trak™ is a JOURNEY

How can you TRUST the textiles you buy? Look for the WEL-TRAK™ label!

The patented WEL-TRAK™ journey tracks every product produced, every step of the way—from the cotton fields right to your home. Yes, you can verify the textiles you purchase meet the QUALITY, SAFETY, ETHICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL values you demand.

  • The Farm

  • Cotton Fingerprinting

  • Ginning

  • Spinning

  • Weaving

  • Finishing

  • Cut & Sew

  • Pack & Ship

  • Retail


Behind every groundbreaking industry innovation is a TALENTED TEAM capable of IMAGINING THE POSSIBILITIES. As the global leader in textile manufacturing, Welspun believes we are RESPONSIBLE for MAKING THE PLANET A BETTER PLACE through everything we do.

My passion is to create a community... a gathering place. A place where people can exchange ideas that ultimately lead to a better world.

Dipali B. Goenka
CEO, Welspun India