You go out of your way to shop for organic fruit and vegetables, because you know that the health of our soil depends on sustainable farming. You buy fair-trade coffee, because you believe that treating farmers well makes a difference. You choose to spend your money with companies that are environmentally conscious and give back to their communities, because how products are made matters.

But do you know where your cotton comes from? Can the cotton in your sheets and towels be traced back to the farm where it was grown? Most cotton products lack transparency, and often what is marketed as pure, high-quality cotton could be a blend. When you see Wel-Trak on the label, you can rest assured that the product has never been blended or diluted with inferior cotton and trust that your cotton has been tracked from source to shelf.

Meet some of the farmers that Welspun partners with in Egypt

Wel-Trak Promise

For guaranteed pure, ethically grown cotton, look for the Wel-Trak logo.

Wel-Trak uses a one-of-a-kind cotton “fingerprint” that travels with the fiber to track cotton from source to shelf — without the use of chemicals. It's a revolution in traceability and transparency from the trusted leading company known for its commitment to social responsibility: Welspun.

You can rest assured that your premium cotton meets your quality, environmental, and ethical standards and even track your cotton's journey.

Innovation is the common thread in everything we do, but the Wel-Trak process is about more than just transparency. Our manufacturing takes place in zero-discharge facilities. We reuse 92% of our water during our manufacturing process because we believe that environmentally responsible manufacturing is good business. We empower our communities through education. Learn more about our global mission and how we give back.

Wel-Trak's Global Cotton Footprint

Wel-Trak uses groundbreaking cotton tracking technology to trace fibers from all around the world, from Egyptian cotton grown on the banks of the Nile to Supima cotton grown on small family-owned farms in the western United States. The only cotton tracking technology that is truly global and covers the entire cotton journey from source to shelf, Wel-Trak tracks several types of cotton, including organic cotton.